What an outstanding service!

Amy listened to my needs and did not just sort out the things I asked of her, but went above & beyond to find me a suitable system, which I could sustainably use myself.

Such a lovely lady too!

I wish I could take her with me everywhere to organise me.

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much 🙂

Katy Garner

This company needs a million stars!

Great service on a tight deadline. Knew exactly what needed to be done, even when the plans and priorities changed several times! Professional service done with minimal fuss. I would recommend anyone who needs re-organising in their work lives to get in touch, as they will not be disappointed!

Andrew Thomas, Mayflower Solicitors

Great service!

I asked for a job to be done and not only did they get it done quicker than I anticipated, they also brought my attention to a couple of issues we hadn’t realised on a project we are working on.

I will definitely be using the service again.

Anthony Donelan

A huge recommendation for The Swift PA. As they say, you get what it says on the label. A professional  and thorough approach to admin jobs thrown her way. Amy can turn her hand to anything and whenever I can, I will hire The Swift PA to help when needed. Fabulous at social media awareness too. Amy manages my shops social media presence and its well worth the cost.

Jayne Cave, La Moochrume