Having personal social media accounts are a great way to keep up with what is going on in the world and to keep in touch with friends and family. Apps like Facebook are a norm in our everyday lives and most of us don’t think twice when popping onto our account and writing a post, or scrolling through our news feed. However, when it comes to do this for your business is it the same?


It takes so much more time and effort to get it right marketing your business on social media that many business owners neglect this side of their responsibilities. For your social media marketing to be effective you need to have a strategy in place, you need time allocated, and a calendar planned out. This can be a lot of work, work that takes you away from actually being part of you business and doing what you should really be doing. This is where a VA can be of assistance!


  • Build up your strategy plan – Ask you VA to keep an eye on your posts and to build a performance report, this will show you what works, how much engagement your getting, and where you can improve. Once you know what is effective you can begin to build it into your strategy plan. Some VA’s like myself can also then go on to manage your social media further by posting agreed content, engaging with your audience on your behalf, and promoting posts throughout pages on the sites. However this is a special service that is not offered by all VA’s and if your VA can’t do the tasks required than you may want to hire a digital marketing agency to work alongside your team.
  • Let your VA know your business goals! – Involve your VA in how you want your brand to be seen, what your future goals are for the business, and what you plan to do to bring your customers to you. Are you going for the serious business vibe? or maybe you want to relax the tone and be fun and have more of a personal feel. Either way letting your VA know means they can tailor posts to match your brands feel. However this can take some time to perfect, you need to work closely with your VA initially, draft up a calendar with pre-agreed content ready for them to post for the first few weeks/months until they are confident enough to represent your brand well. All this takes is practice, feedback, and some investment of your time.
  • Make sure you VA has all they need – It’s no good giving your VA the responsibility of managing your social media without the appropriate tools for them to do so. Give them the images you want using so they can create interesting and eye catching posts for your brand, this will encourage engagement, likes, and shares. It does however take time, hard work, and continuity to build your presence and following and even the best VA in the world can’t make this happen overnight. So remember be patient if you work as a team and commit to your brand goals it will happen.
  • Delegate tasks – Task your VA with promoting events and recent blogs on your sites, let them engage with your audience on your behalf, let them create exciting posts that were agreed previously on your strategy calendar. It’s about building a strong relationship with your VA and being able to let go of the reigns knowing you can trust them to represent yourself and your company in the best way. Remember though you want your company to remain authentic and have that personal touch so tasks like videos, behind the scenes content etc (which are important to any social media strategy) should be done by yourself.
  • Set clear expectations – Make sure you set out at the beginning what you are looking for from your VA, how often you want them to post, times you want them to post, how many hours you need from them etc. But do remember that unless you have a VA just for you they will have other commitments and may not be able to monitor your platforms 24/7. If you need more time then it may be time to think about hiring an employee who has sole responsibility of your sites as their role.
  • Provide guidelines on the type of responses you expect your VA to give, what industry hashtags to use, and when to involve you but otherwise if you have built a good strategy and calendar together there should be no reason to monitor your VA too closely allowing you to get on with other parts of your business. It is important though that you remember they may not be an expert in your industry so don’t expect them to be able to always respond to your audience as if they were, you still need to have some input for your strategy to work.

Social media is a huge way in which to market your brand. Your customers will be watching you and this is your chance to shine, show them who your are, and what your brand is about. It is important to have a good balance of personal, social, business, engagement with your audience, and authenticity. Growing your social media sites can be daunting but don’t forget you don’t have to do this alone! A good VA could be the key to your social media success.