So it’s that time again fellow working/business parents……School holidays! I am a parent myself to a beautiful 4 yr old girl and a cheeky 2yr old boy who need constant entertainment and parent time during the holidays. However I need to continue to run my business and try to fit working on my degree at uni in as well (I also decided to make things more hectic and we are also moving house currently too…..aaarrrggghhh). Anyway I thought I would offer some tips (a few at a time so it doesn’t become an essay) to those of you who are floundering under the pressure to both be there for your children and keep on top of the demands of your business because trust me I have gone through it all myself, but finally I am now prepared each holiday no matter what it throws at me!

Tip 1: If you are sat there thinking when on earth am I going to get time to sit and work on all my social media and communication platforms (ie. Website)? Than you need to reassess your use of these sites because this should not be something that uses too much of your time anyway and if you have worked out your target market and where that target market is, than you will most likely only need to be posting to 2 maybe 3 of the sites not all of them. This is a waste of some of that precious time you sorely need during the holidays. So if you are guilty of posting to them all and not actually getting any results than you need to stop and look at who you need to be targeting and which platform they are most likely to use. Once you have done this you should of rid yourself of some sites which in turn will lessen the amount of time you have to spend on them, and then to shave off even more time download yourself a good posting app such as Hootsuite or buffer so you can schedule the posts, and send them out to all sites at once.

Tip 2: You will have said to yourself ‘there is no time!’……’I can’t run my business and be mum/dad right now’………wrong! There is time and you CAN keep your business running you are just going to have to compromise on some things and work around other things. Obviously you can’t realistically fit everything you normally do in, so 3 things you need to do are: Prioritise, Focus, and don’t waste time. If you get into these 3 habits than everything should become that bit easier and you will probably find you actually become more productive. For example, using social media, is it going to really affect you if you don’t put a post on as often as you normally do? No! So take a step back for a bit and use the spare time to work on something more important. So you now may be asking yourself, won’t my customers be annoyed at me or leave me if I aren’t as available as usual? Again No! Most people understand when dealing with a micro-business that generally there is only 1 or 2 staff, and that there may be times when the staff are on holiday or need time off, the key is planning ahead. Make sure you give plenty of notice of the change in your work hours etc, send emails, put on website, in window, and make sure you put this notice on all your social sites too. When the time comes put an auto

responder on your email and an updated voicemail on your business line letting people know when they can expect to hear from you, and don’t forget to change these back when your back. Make sure you inform everyone again when normal service resumes. Finally, YOU CAN HAVE A HOLIDAY! Don’t think that just because you are the one person running your business that you can’t take time off! You can, either by having a trusted personal assistant in place who can keep things running in your absence, or you just follow the above and inform everyone you will be taking time off and normal service will resume when you are back.

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Keep your eyes open for part 2!

the text school holidays made from modelling clay of different colors and some beach toys such as toy shovels and sand moulds, on a rustic wooden surface