Hey everyone 🙂,
I am going to pop some posts on over the next few days about Lifecycle Marketing, I hope they are helpful in some way to you all!

Part 1:

Attract –
– Know your target customer
– Attract interest

Target Market – It is important to know your target market otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of time and spending large amounts of money for no results. It is hard to get noticed in an already very busy world but don’t go down the scatter gun route, its important to sit down and work out who you need to be attracting and where they are. Ask yourself:
1. Who are my ideal customers?
2. What are their pain points? (lack of time etc)
3. Why should they buy from me and not my competitor?
4. What are the common objections I receive from someone looking to do business with me? (too expensive etc)
5. Who is NOT my target market?

So now think about the location both online and in person of these people that you want to attract:
1. Are they on a particular social platform?
2. Do they attend particular events near you?
3. Are they members of the local community or groups?

After you have identified where they are it’s time to start focusing your efforts there.
– Join local groups
– Open up that social platform they are on
– Spend some money on advertising targeting this group
– Be where they are and engage with them in an authentic, helpful, and personable way.
– Use lead magnets such as:
– Videos
– Free reports/tips/advice
– Coupons/giveaways

Questions to ask yourself at this point is:
1. Where do my customers hang out?
2. What would attract them to my service?
3. What lead magnets are currently working?
4. What new lead magnets could I use?

Finally, Brainstorm:
– What are some common mistakes that you help people avoid?
– What are the frustrations people have when they buy from competitors?
– What are the underlying goals your customers have?
– What are your customers curious about or trying to learn?

Slightly long blog this time guys but I tried to cram a lot of info down into an easy to digest version. Hope you can pull some tips from this and keep an eye out for part 2.