Pretty much all the social media sites allow you to be able to put a large header image across the top of your profile, here is a few tips on getting it right:

  • Each of the sites will have their own size requirements for the image so it is worth checking this out to see if you need to resize first.
  • It is important to get the header image right as it really stands out, it is the first place someones eyes are drawn to, and it could also be the difference between someone clicking further into your profile, or scrolling on.
  • Don’t feel you have to keep this header image the same all the time, you can of course change it fairly regularly, this can keep things interesting, up to date, and relevant.
  • Make the header fit with your branding, same colours, fonts etc.

Your header image could be:

  • Your logo – but don’t use your logo if already in use elsewhere, like your profile pic
  • Eye catching graphics
  • A promotion
  • Team Members
  • Your Premises
  • Events you have attended or taken part in
  • Picture of your product or services
  • Seasonal pictures – Christmas greetings etc

A great site worth checking out is, it has lots of templates for header images and tools to create your own, and much more.