What does having a social media strategy mean?
It means:
1. You can manage your costs, and it helps you see where you need to spend money (or not as the case may be).
2. You can manage your resources, and it will highlight other resources you may need to involve.
3. It gives you something to measure against, how will you know you are successful if you haven’t set objectives?
4. A strategy helps you figure out who your target market is.
5. It helps you plan what content you need instead of rushing in head first and putting on useless content.
6. It helps you prepare for any negativity! What if someone puts a negative comment on or complains? How will you respond?
A Strategy should include:
1. Social media objectives
2. Social media KPI’s
3. The platforms you will focus on
4. The target audience.5. A content plan
6. An Engagement plan
7. The resources and tools you need
8. Social media advertising you will use
9. And how you will measure your success
If you haven’t done a strategy yet you can easily get a template off google so there is nothing stopping you get yours done today and see how things change. It’s important to remember as with anything it needs consistency and effort to see results. If anyone has any advice they can add to this please feel free to comment 🙂