To Do Lists:

Personally I love them, I love the satisfaction of crossing out each one when I have finished and I feel a sense of relief when at the end of the day my list is done. I know however that some people aren’t so keen, however you are 33% more likely to achieve a task if it is on a To-Do-List and I personally think that is a figure worth making the effort for. So here is a few tips to help you feel the joy of lists.

  1. Pick your medium – Yes we have a notes section on our phone, and apps we can use which for some this works fine, but physically crossing off tasks in a notebook with a pen is so much more satisfying. You can actually see you are achieving something! Also you get to pick a notebook with a cover that inspires you or makes you smile whenever you see it, there are ones you can even get personalised, or get to Hobbycraft and get creative and create your own. Leave your notebook with your keys, coats, shoes at home so you don’t forget to take it out with you!
  2. Divide to Conquer – Divide your list up into who can do a task for you and tasks you need to do yourself (colour code them if it helps). A digital To-Do-List could be handy if there is more than one person needing access, this could be on your phone in the form of an app, or through use of a good CRM system.
  3. Prioritise – Don’t set yourself up to fail by making a massive impossible to complete in 1 day list, break it down. Have a day list, a week list, and a month or longer list. For example, in your day list – I need to email back that client I spoke to last week, in your week list – I need to get all my contacts from the event I went to on Monday added to my CRM, and for your longer list – something like I want to have a regular turnover of customers, or attended so many meetings by such a date etc. Of course you can move things around on these lists to relieve some pressure because at the end of the day the last thing you want these lists to do is stress you out! Just set yourself goals, work towards them, and check your list daily to see where you are with them.
  4. Be realistic – You may think ‘right I am going to tackle a chunk of things today and whack 8 or so things on your list but if you get caught up on one of your early tasks in the list and you can’t complete that days list it could leave you feeling frustrated and low. So instead set yourself 2 or 3 big tasks and a couple of smaller ones. It is more manageable, and you can always transfer one of  your smaller tasks to the top of your next day list.
  5. Get even more organised – Allocate a time slot to each task, this will help you plan your day and reduce the risk of you missing any tasks that day. Add more detail to your list such as who you need to call and their number. Try be a bit more specific with your list – don’t just put email Sophie put why you need to email her and any other notes that will help you ensure you complete the task fully.
  6. Don’t stress – If you don’t get everything crossed off your list it isn’t the end of the world just try and build it in to your list the next day. Just remember though to ask yourself why that task didn’t get done? Was it really lack of time? Or were you putting it off? Find the reason why and make a plan to tackle it head on. Get writing, completing, and crossing off now! Trust me you will see the benefits and feel all the good feelings a completed To-do list gives you.

If you need any further advice on good apps, notebooks, systems, or just how to get a good to-do-list going I am happy to help. Have a lovely time crossing off 🙂