Do you set goals but never finish them? You let other things get in the way? You make up excuses? Here are a few tips to hopefully help you change your ways:

  1. Don’t wait until circumstance are ideal – you have to create the life you want in the here and now.
  2. Don’t throw all of your energy in to just one area – Life is a combination of action, rest, and enjoyment. Get yourself a goal-tracking system, pop over to this site to check a few tried and tested ones out (https://lifehacker.com/5873909/five-best-goal-tracking-services), and don’t just have one goal, have one main goal and 2/3 smaller goals too, mix it up a little.
  3. Make it doable – Once you finish a goal use a highlighter pen to colour it in so you can see your progress, but remember with your bigger goals you may find you don’t get that square coloured in because you need to break it down in to smaller goals that work towards achieving the bigger goal, this will also make you feel more productive and increase your motivation, don’t set yourself up to fail!
  4. Keep your motivation going – Look at which areas are blocked, we underestimate how much time tasks take by about 70%, meaning that by the end of the week we will still have tasks outstanding due to trying to complete all the others. It may be that you need to put one of the bigger task to one side while you complete the others so you are not overwhelmed, or maybe you need to look at what motivates you and use it to get your drive pumped to give those goals a real push, whether that’s listening to a self-development book, or music while working at your list.
  5. Beat the negative vibes – By committing to smaller, seemingly insignificant tasks and keeping track of our progress it will motivate you more. Having to face a visual reminder each week stops you lying to yourself and putting it off, it reminds you of what must be done if you really want to achieve that life. By sticking to your plans is the only way to make those dreams get off the ground. Don’t procrastinate, just do!